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ANOVA: test designed to measure perfectionism

The personnel director of Cander Machine Products is investigating perfectionism on the job. A test designed to measure perfectionism was administered to a random sample of 18 employees. The scores ranged from 20 to about 40. One of the facets of the study involved the early background of each employee.
Did the employee come from a rural background, a small city, or a large city? The scores are in the table below.
Rural Area Small Urban Area Large Urban Area
35 28 24
30 24 28
36 25 26
38 30 30
29 32 34
34 28
a. At the .05 level, can you conclude there is a difference in the three mean scores?
b. If the null hypothesis is rejected, can you state that the mean score of those with a rural background is different from the score of those with a large-city background?

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