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    ANOVA test of a certain treatment

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    Source df sum squares mean square f ratio Prob >f
    treatment 2 100.5571 50.2786 1.7222 0.1847
    error 87 2539.9445 29.1948
    C. total 89 2640.5017

    A. What is the Sum of Squares of Treatment?
    B. What is the Total Sum of Squares?
    C. What is the Mean Square Error (MSE) ?
    D. What is the Test Statistic?
    E. What is the P-value?
    F. How many treatments (groupings) are being compared?
    G. How many total observations are in this analysis?
    H. What is the null hypothesis tested here?

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    The solution uses an output table to determine the sum of squares, mean square error, test statistic, and p-value.