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    Anova Single Factor Experiment

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    The data is enclosed in the attachment.

    Johnson's Service Center has devised three potential options available to preferred customers who redeem coupons and buy at least 15 gallons of fuel when they stop in. Option A is a flat 3 cents off each gallon. Option B is a combination of 2 cents off plus another $1 discount on the regular price of a $5 deluxe car wash. Option C is a $2 discount on the same $5 deluxe car wash but no reduction in the fuel purchase. The owner, Harold Johnson, ran each option on three different trial periods and tracked daily sales receipts from those customers who redeemed their coupons. The data collected is (masked to protect the interests of Mr. Johnson) shown in the table below:

    Harold elected to conduct a one-way ANOVA for his single-factor experiment. The results of ANOVA is as follows. Some of the information is missing.

    a. Please fill in the missing information.

    b. What would be the appropriate hypotheses - Null and Alternate Hypotheses?

    c. What decision would Harold make about the hypotheses? Why?

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