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    Analysis of variance for F value

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    1. In an analysis of variance, we also get an F value. This value is based on the SSA(SS total), SSE, and SST values. Assume that we have three columns (or treatments), 5 values per column and SS Total = 39,000, SSE = 35,000. Calculate the following:


    For the above problem, what is the value of F?
    If the calculated F is greater than the critical F value, what does that mean?

    2. Our company is producing blankets with four different filling materials. We think that each of these materials provides the same degree of heat retention.

    What is the response variable (as in the ANOVA Simulation)?
    How many levels of the factor are being studied?
    The simple linear regression model can be described by what equation?

    3. Calculate the Chi squared statistic for the following case (add columns if needed):
    Observed Expected
    Group Frequency Expected Frequency o-e

    A------------------ 80----------------33





    The correlation coefficient is a measure of the strength of the linear relationship between two variables.

    What is the range of possible values of the correlation coefficient?
    What is indicated by a correlation coefficient value of -1.00?

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