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    Formula for ANOVA

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    I know the methodology is ANOVA I just don't know how to work out the formula, Can you please help?

    Court Case II:

    In Dendy vs. Washington Hospital Center case, 26 out of 26 white nurses passed an examination and 4 out of 9 African American nurses passed the examination in Washington Hospital Center (UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA). We will use this case as a case study for teams and for the class as a whole.

    DQ2: In your Learning Team newsgroup, challenge each other's analysis of the assigned scenario(s) and discuss the thoroughness of each other's presentations.
    Based on the assigned scenario, answer the following questions:
    What is the situation? The number of white nurses who passed the examination was 26 out of 26 and the number of black nurses who passed the examination was four out of nine.
    What challenges exist? The challenge is the difference in the amount of white nurses who passed the test versus black nurses.
    What opportunities exist? Finding the appropriate solution to this issue of why more white nurses passed the test then black nurses.
    What is the problem? Possible discrimination element,
    Is there a problem? Yes
    Is it worth solving? Yes
    Emphasize the statistical methodology.

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