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    Balancing a Country's Interest with Global Needs

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    As the environmental issues become a global policy issue, how much does a country sacrifice for its global needs? Provide an example of a current environmental issue in an industrialized country.

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    Environmental Issues: China

    Environmental issues are in the forefront of national policy and global policy concerns especially of late. This is due to the debate over climate change and the issue of pollution and sustainable energy. Human activities over the years are said to have contributed towards the accumulation of the greenhouse gases that are concurrently thinning the ozone layer and 'warming' the earth. A number of scientific theories, research and documentaries have discussed, explored and presented the effects of these and they have concluded that this will be climate change. The vision is alarming - melting of polar ice, rising of the oceans drowning islands and some parts of the world's land. In the earth's bid to cool itself, there will be active typhoons, cyclones and very cold winters with very hot summers. The biosphere will be heavily affected and as such endanger flora and fauna dependent on the current environmental status qou. Then there is the issue of finite energy sources. We currently depend on oil and gas mined from the ...

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    Environmental issues faced by industrial activity all over the world is discussed. The case of China is looked at in particular as an example of a nation's sacrifice for global needs. References are listed for the the purpose of expansion. A word version of the solution is also included. This solution is 606 words with references.