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A short explaination of structural adjustment programs

How does Structural Adjustment programs keep Capitalism in place?

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The main argument for structural adjustment policies is to help struggling, developing nations have a chance to change the economic path they are on and be more successful. These policies are used by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) with the goal of helping poorer nations but they mostly reinforce capitalism which is basically globalization. Generally, what the IMF and World Bank do is go in and 'rescue' nations, who often but not always request help. The IMF and World Bank create a plan which changes the economic policy and practices of the nation and often, education and other social systems. For example in the past the IMF would provide financial ...

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This solution outlines how structural adjustment programs operate and some of the ways in which these impact the country adopting the program as well as the costs and benefits for the organizations providing the economic assistance and determining the conditions of the structural adjustment program.