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    After reading the Down-to-Earth Sociology box, â?? The Big Win: Life After the Lottery,â? discuss how your life would change if you won a lottery for $100 million or more. How would your present personal relationships change? Would you change your course of study or even drop out of school? What would be your initial â??splurgeâ? of spending? Do you feel it may be better for you to win only a small lottery of several hundred thousand dollars? If you know of anyone who has won a large lottery, share with the class how their life changed. Finally, do you believe money can buy happiness? Explain the reason for your answer.

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    As you discuss how your life would change if you won a lottery for $100 million or more, I envision a major change in social status as well as personal and social relationships as a result of the economic climb. Because more money opens one to a different caliber of social and culture interactions and facets (money to travel, attend opera and theater, charitable events), I see a different level of interaction and relationships develop, causing a paradigm shift perhaps in one's logic. When I ...

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