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How to Change the World - Fabio Rosa

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As David Bornstein shows in "How to Change the World," Rosa has become somewhat of a hero to hundreds of thousands of Brazilians. Beginning his career outside the small southern Brazilian city Palmares, Rosa has been developing innovative solutions to the chronic electricity problems in rural Brazil. His efforts disrupted, stymied and dismantled after their fruition by the government, Rosa has remained resilient through the best and the worst. He knows that whether he has to set up non-profits or for-profits, distribute solar electric panels or dig wells, Brazilian farmers hopes and livelihoods are dependent on keeping the lights on.

Fabio Rosa has shown an extraordinary qualities of character. How does fabio rosa exhibited excellence of moral character in his accomplishment?
Give three character traits he posses and how it was important for him to have to accomplish what he did. Use example to justify each characteristic
virtue ethic.

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The primary way in which Fabio Rosa exhibits excellence of moral character is that he never gives up on his ideas. When one pursues the right thing because it is right and not because it is popular or personally advantageous or even convenient, one exhibits moral character. If he had quit after being disappointed by the government following his first project, no one would have faulted him but neither would he have been demonstrating excellence in moral character. The excellence is demonstrated by time and again acting based on what he knows to be the right thing to do. Additionally, he is motivated by the right action to do for others, not the right (or most ...

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