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Business Ethics

Karen works at Verizon. She is a part time sales rep, and she always meets her quota. Succeeding is important to her, but she is unwilling to "snake" (steal activations) from her co-workers. However, lately she has noticed that Maria has been skipping customers on the guest list so that she can take the customers that want to activate. This is against store policy, and it is one form of what is referred to in the store as "being a shark". Karen has noticed that her sales have started slipping recently because she seems to only get customers that are having problems. She is not sure what she should do. She has considered talking about it with the manager, but she doesn't want to seem like a tattletale. She has also considered just going down the list and taking only the customers that want to activate as well, but that leaves a lot of customers not being served, and that is no way to retain customers. Because of her drop in sales her job is going to be in jeopardy so she has to do something soon.

What should she do?

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Based on the scenario, this solution explores what the person should do e.g. stealing activations of not, etc. by applying ethical principles and/or theories to the situation. References are provided.