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    Becoming a Social Activist

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    This is the job description for an Organizer Position:

    Willing to work long and inconvenient hours at less pay than could be earned elsewhere. Must have the patient of job and hide thick enough to withstand constant criticism and slow progress. Must be willing to accept the blame for failures. Must not try to claim personal credit for success. Must be willing to learn new skills while helping others discover how to work together in organizations that bring about social change. Good communication and analytical skills desirable. Being able to articulate a vision of the future and having an empathetic personality a plus.

    1. You may are may not have experience in this position that fit the description of an organizer. You want to be the best candidate for this position. Describe how you intend to fulfilled these qualification or what would you say on your application that you would be willing to develop to insure the job of an Organizer.

    2. Discuss the upsides and downsides of being an activist.

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    1. I intend to fulfill these qualifications by providing information as to my experience in each of these qualifications criteria. I am willing to work long and inconvenient hours and for less pay than could be earned elsewhere because I have done this for a number of years as a business owner, which require me to work up to 60 hours a week for less pay than I could've made working for an employer for far less hours. I am very patient due to the fact that I have tutored students for many years, and I have a very high ability to tolerate constant criticism, due to the ...