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    Understanding the Differences between Caste Systems and Slavery

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    What are the differences between slavery and caste systems? What are the similarities?

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    Differences and Similarities between Slavery and Caste Systems

    When examining issues such as slavery and caste systems, we are looking at systems of social stratification. Over time, different forms of these systems can dominate society. Some people in present society might call forms of social stratification, social discrimination, or even view it as an ideology which is a set of values devised to rationalize a particular social custom.

    Early and classical civilizations such as Egyptian patriarchy and the Indian caste system are significant examples that I can use here. Slavery was a system of itself which was dominated the psycho-social structures of the time for the colonials (like the British, Portuguese, Spanish, and French).

    A similarity between the systems (slavery, patriarchy, and the caste system) is that they all had a religious basis although slavery was founded on economic exploitation and later the colonials used religious justification.

    The major difference between patriarchy, slavery, and the caste system was in the severity of their gender inequality. ...

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