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    Understanding How to Change Racism Socially

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    1. What is racism? How does it affect the world?
    2. What needs to change and why?
    3. What would be the best course of action for making changes?
    4. What specifically needs to be done?
    5. What are some positive productive changes in order to setup a plan of action?
    6. What are the difficulties/hurdles to overcome? What can be done about the difficulties?
    7. Why is this issue important to resolve as a whole?
    (1000 words for 10 credits)

    Extra credits: What is the statistical data going back to slavery days and now? Show on a excel/word graph
    (5 credits)

    *1000 words for 10 credits*
    *Excel/word graph w/data for 5 credits*

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    Social Problem: Racism

    1. What is racism? How does it affect the world?

    This is the socially constructed notion that describes discrimination between people who possess distinct physical characteristics that are classified under the term "race" (i.e. skin colour and hair texture).

    This notion also describes prejudice, bias, and antagonism against others of different races where one race is considered to be superior.

    This latter notion is played out differently in different countries/social contexts where stereotypes, or exaggerated and distorted images, are attached to certain races which, in turn, become part of the social norm, thus changing the social landscape with respect to beliefs, class structures, and local speech. The social landscape can be both overt and covert in the way discrimination is exercised.

    It generally causes a negative effect to societies because it promotes division among people, among people with different income levels, among classes (this does not equate with people with different income levels), division of resources and who accesses those resources, division of those who receive protection from law enforcement and those who don't, division of those who will get hired for certain jobs and those who won't, and division for those whose children can only attend certain schools and not others.

    2. What needs to change and why?

    The perpetuation of racism causes and exercises division amongst humanity in general. Racism needs to be observed as something that is not normal (i.e. taboo) and there needs to be social reprimand when there are breaches to this. It may begin with people being conscious of what they say audibly, but the issue has to reach a point where people understand that "race" is not an issue with existing and functioning in society and ...

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    This solution will assist the student in understanding racism and how it affects society. It also contains statistics on recent racially motivated hate crimes.