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    Social Groups:Relevance

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    Discuss the myriad ways in which social groups are the essence of human life in society. What is the critical element for one to have a group? Explain using in-group / out-group terms.

    Please give me your personal response, not from a websites. If you could provide examples that would be fantastic too. I need a least 1 page double space insights. Thank you all.

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    Social groups are the ways most people address their own place in the world. They belong to social groups as part of people with the same backgrounds, experiences, interests, ideas, goals, and expectations, along with beliefs and values. These groups validate the existence and acceptance of all these things in a person's perspective of their own self worth. Within a group they are part of an ongoing acceptance of what they believe and think is rational. The person can communicate using terms and symbols they find important and within the group have meaning and value. ...

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    The solution provides a discussion on the relevance of social groups in the manner by which society is run and the manner by which people navigate or grund their place in it. This solution would prove helpful to students looking for insight on social groups in relation to social mechanics, identity and community.