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    Social Worker Bias

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    I am doing some research on the topic of social worker bias against father and the effect it has on service delivery. Most of my research leads to the criminal justice system bias. Looking for some guidance on what research problems from such a subject could be. There is research on bias against men in the system but I want to identify if the bias in an agency affect the agency scope of service outcomes.

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    Dear Alfunsia,

    It took me some time to get the materials I wanted. A scientific Merit Review is an important part to your studies, I know the difficulties you've gone through to complete such a task previously. As such, I checked quite a few resources in relation to the SMR and the task at hand. In my opinion - since you are already familiar with this subject, stick to it. You know, in research, you will always face challenges in presenting or tackling a research topic. If you are familiar with it - especially if you witness it in your daily work. As they say - stick to what you know. Now, onto the problem. I utilized a particular University of Hawaii standard as this would be in line with US expectations. I suggest using this simple outline:

    1. Title
    2. Research Problem -100 words
    3. Brief Description (operationalising the project) - 150 words
    4. Background & Rationale - 200 words
    5. Methodological Background - 200 words
    6. Annotated Bibliography - 200 words

    I have decided to point you to this particular guide - http://www2.hawaii.edu/~matt/proposal.html
    Scroll down to the 'Longer standard Model' and it should help you out immensely when tweaking and re-planning the material should your professor return to you and ask you to rework the material - or your approach for that matter. The solution below should get you started - it should help you in putting together your initial study. As always, I am here to help should you need further assistance. All the best!



    Title: Bias against Fathers in Social Work Practice

    Research Problem

    As a social work and human services professional, I have been exposed to the realities that families, parents and children face in my industry. In the modern jargon, the general term for welfare support that encompasses social work delivery to society - but above all - to at risk at challenged families - is human services. Human services is thus broad where the (NOHS, 2013), "objective of meeting human needs through an interdisciplinary knowledge base, focusing on prevention as well as remediation of problems, and maintaining a commitment to improving the overall quality of life of service populations," guides the work we do as specialists. My organization provides support to at risk children and families in my locality. Deeply challenged by social issues familiar to families in a post-recession America - like poverty, unemployment, divorce, domestic abuse, and criminality - the life chances of children and the welfare of the families that we support are not easy to alleviate. While support to parents, single parents and mothers are easily available with programs in place, in a number of instances in the case of fathers and fathers as single parents, support and provision of assistance is lacking and comprehensively challenged. I have encountered a number of cases of single fathers seeking economic and childcare help as well as fathers seeking joint-custody in cases where the mothers are absent, non-existent or the abusive element to a domestic violence abuse case whereby the system, instead of working for the family unit (father and children) become the barrier that would allow them relief and assistance. I have observed that in my locality at least - it's a question that leads to a criminal justice system bias. My research problem is thus - "Why is there a criminal system Bias against Fathers?"

    Brief Description

    The project I plan to undertake is a key component of my PhD study. It is tied to my aim in providing an original study that accounts for observed social injustices and issues in welfare and social services impacting society via an observation of the realities faced by families in my local community. Being a practitioner in the field of human services, I have over the years been exposed to the struggles of the most at-risk families in my city. Much research has been taken about general topics with regards to family welfare - topics like poverty, child abuse, domestic violence and teen pregnancy. In the course of my practice however, I have noticed a glaring gap in the study of bias against fathers in social work practice. A number of tragic family cases have been cause, I believe, by such bias and I am of the position that that the system needs reform in order to have a justified system then engenders equality for both mothers and fathers in relation to being treated by, as well as being provided human services assistance in the course of their bid to provide for and protect ...

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    The expert examines social worker bias against father and the effect it has on service delivery. The group agency affect the agency scope of service outcomes is examined.