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    Modern Religions and Change

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    What is the biggest reason for "change" in religion and what is the largest role in the evolution in religion? Please list some modern religions.

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    Modernization is perhaps the biggest reason for our "change" in religion, as well as new religious developments. As scientific beliefs grow, so do secularization perspectives which include both modern facts, as well as traditional theological beliefs. Modernization does not necessarily involve the disappearance of religions, but that of additional beliefs or even a combination of past beliefs.

    Multiculturalism also plays a large role in the evolution of religion. Today, especially in the Americas, there are many distinct cultural groups. Within these groups comes a diverse set of beliefs. Because of this rise in blended society, different religions have either inspired or hindered peoples' thoughts. We have the traditionalists, the fundamentalists, the liberalists and the humanists.

    With the force of ...

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    This solution of 500 words discusses modernization of religions with real-life examples of Wicca, Universalists, Mormons and others.