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    Intro to Pastoral Care: Funerals

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    What elements need to be included in the funeral service itself and why?
    What steps need to be taken (in consultation with the family) in order to prepare for a funeral service?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a funeral at a church verses a funeral home and why?

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    As a sort of preface to an answer, this depends to a great degree upon the particular faith tradition of the family. The elements of a Hindu funeral service differ from those of a Jewish one and a devout Muslim family may have different needs than an atheistic or agnostic one.

    What elements need to be included in the funeral service itself and why?

    This really depends upon the traditions of the family and the type of funeral. If the body is not being cremated, there is often some sort of element in which people can view the body, sometimes as part of a service but often before the service proper. This can give families a sort of closure.

    Many funeral traditions include some sort of music. Again, family preferences will vary. Some might enjoy having a friend of the deceased sing the decedent's favorite song while others might prefer traditional hymns.

    Traditionally, there is some sort of reception after the funeral. It can vary from a short event ...

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    This discusses the main elements of funeral services.