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Islam, Judaism, Christianity: Relationship With Mysticism

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1. Both Islam and Judaism are religions that seem to look at Abraham and the prophets as starting points. Could someone comment on some other similarities between the two traditions?
These might have to do with theology, holidays, moral obligation, historical facts, or contemporary observations.

2. In Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, there are references to mysticism. Do you find these interesting? Do you have any experience with or exposure to any of the three tradition's ideas about mysticism? I don't really have exposure to any of these since I came from a non religious family. What exactly is a mystic trying to do that others adhering to a particular tradition are not?


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Hi there; thanks for your questions! I hope these reflections help well enough to set you on the right track.

1. Perhaps the most obvious similarity is that both of these religions are monotheist; that means, essentially, they worship one god, which they will of course appropriately capitalize when using such a term as a proper name. This does not exactly entail that they believe that only one god exists, of course, though most adherents of monotheism will certainly believe that. For those that do believe as much, then clearly they would also have that belief in common. Holidays, perhaps by nature, would not actually be the same as both religions admit a divergence all the way back at the time of Abraham. Moral obligations vary, again, but in general most of the moral values are actually common to both ...

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Common threads in religious practice between monotheistic cultures are described in brief, with an inclusion and later focus on mystic traditions.

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