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Is it possible for research methods to be godly?

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Exodus 31:1-11
Matthew 5:12-16
Matthew 22:34-40

These three passages address the concept of using our skills and understanding for God's purposes, communicating to others God's testimony in ourself, and using the knowledge acquired through the application of those skills to effectively love God and minister to others.

1. Describe how these 3 passages support the statement â??Research methods are godly.

2. Find and describe at least 1 other scriptural passage that illustrates why research methods are godly.

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1. Describe how these 3 passages support the statement "Research methods are godly."

Exodus 31:1-11

God gave Moses the exact dimensions and requirements in order to construct the tabernacle. He was going to dwell among the Israelites and His dwelling place needed to reflect His perfection and holiness. He gave abilities to certain men and expected them to use these gifts and abilities to honor Him. In this situation Moses wasn't supposed to research how to build the tabernacle but he would have had to do research in order to determine how to best get the raw materials that God ordered him to use in the construction of the walls, poles, alter, ornaments ...

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This discussion seeks to answer the question: Can research methods be godly? Three specific texts from the Bible are looked at and evaluated. Over 450 words of original text with citation of sources.