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Sanatana Dharma - Hindu scriptures -Yugas - Avatars

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1. What is the Sanatana Dharma? Discuss some of it's fundamental teachings. In what ways are some of these concepts similar to aspects of your own faith? I am only looking for you to find similarities, not differences...so, dig deep!

2. What are the Hindu scriptures and how did they develop (do not just cut and paste your answer)? Share some insights from any of the Hindu scriptures and compare it to Christianity. Look for similarities. Below is a link to all of the World Scriptures. You should be able to read in any of them:

3. How does this statement support the Hindu concept of "yugas"? How do the "avatars" fit in with this? Can you show truth in Krishnas quote as applied to Biblical history? Do Hindus believe in one God?

Krishna said:
"Whenever there is a decline in religious practice...and a predominant rise in irreligion-at that time I descend myself. To deliver to the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to re-establish the principles of religion, I advent myself millennium after millennium".

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