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    The Problem of Evil and Free Will

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    1. Do humans have free will?
    2. Are human beings individually responsible for our bad behavior?
    3. Are human beings essentially evil?
    4. What is evil? What makes something evil?

    We will improve our understanding of the problem of evil if we compare our answers for questions 1-4 with answers given by followers of faiths other than Christianity. Find an internet site sponsored by a religion other than your Christianity. Research and report their answers to questions 1-4 and state how their answers affect their problem of evil (150-200 words).

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    As I am sure you can imagine, naturally with a different religion there will probably be a different response to the Problem of Evil. In fact, even different views exist within Christendom. So it will be no surprise to find that there exist myriad approaches to the philosophical issue in any other religion. Now, from the instructions you posted I am certain that gathering the right resources is important, and you would want multiple resources to use. So I took the liberty of ...

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    The problem of Evil and Free Will are examined. Whether human beings are individually responsible for our bad behavior is determined.