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power," "good," and "evil

Define, in your own words, the terms "power", "good", and "evil". Where are these concepts experienced in everyday life?

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When we define words such as power, good, and evil, we need a reference frame. Unequivocally, I make no desire to hide the fact that my reference frame is the Bible.

Let's start with "good." According to the Bible, what the Creator does is good. For example, if you read through Genesis 1, you will discover that everytime He made something, he noted that it was good, or even very good. This may sound trite, but it is of utmost importance. The works of the Creator are good. That's a basic definition. Fundamentally then, what the Creator does and what he institutes is good. This is the direct result of the fact that the Creator is himself good. We see this fact expressed in Psalms 34:8, 100:5, and many other places. In Romans 7:12, Paul the apostle wrote that the law of the Creator is good. Again, this is of foundational importance. The "law" is called "Torah" in Hebrew. It means instruction or teaching. Of course we would expect it to be good since it stems from the Creator, who is equally good. Therefore, in summary, good is defined in the Bible as being the Creator himself, and everything he creates, including the universe and his laws, i.e. his way of life. In fact, the Messiah (Yeshua/Jesus) said that there is no one "good" except the ...

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