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The Book of Amos

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1. What is the context of interpretation in the book of Amos.
2. What is the social structure functioning when the book of Amos is written.
3. How is the economic surplus gotten from the people and distributed in relationship to the political system. How is it instructed? Who has advantages?
Who were the powers being spoken to by Amos.

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1. (1) The Book of Amos is a collection of his prophecies spanning about forty years or so. Even so, most of this content is probably around a ten-year period. "Context" is also a broad term, and could include things such as the fact that he was not a prophet by trade or by family heritage, that the two kingdoms of Israel and Judah were enjoying a large height of diplomatic and economic success, or that Hosea and Jonah were contemporaries of Amos (and therefore those books' content could give more insight).

2. (2) ...

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The solution contains the context, political, and economic situations surrounding the Book of Amos, which are discussed in some detail. The social structure functioning when the book of Amos is written is given.

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