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    Covenants in Judeo-Christian Religion

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    Covenants are both conditional and unconditional. Which ones were which, and do why do we see a shift between unconditional and conditional covenants?

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    God made a conditional covenant with Israel, that if they obeyed His law, they would be blessed in the land that He gave them. The best illustration of this covenant is found in Deuteronomy 27 and 28, where Moses pronounces the blessings upon Israel if they obeyed, and the fearful curses if they were disobedient.

    The history of Israel found that they failed to uphold their end of the covenant. They rebelled against God and served idols over and over again. When they were brought down by other nations, and cried out for mercy, God ...

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    This solution addresses the relation between conditional and unconditional covenants in the Bible.