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    Common Characteristics of Judaism, Christianity, Islam

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    To summarize the study of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, consider the common characteristics that link the three traditions. Some of these characteristics might include:

    - Abraham
    - People of the Book
    - Monotheism
    - Prophecy
    - Linear history
    - Middle East origins
    - Violence
    - Scholarship and arts
    - Sin
    - Judgment

    Write a summary of the similarities you see among the three religious traditions. (at least 250 words with credible source)

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    I don't need to tell you that this topic is of immense complexity and controversy. The areas you have listed are all well known and are basically self-explanatory. So let me give a few more examples that can round out your list.

    Here is a fairly well known article on the similarities of Judaism and Islam:
    (I can't post the link, but the title is "Jewish Muslim Relations: Past and Present" by Rabbi David Rosen).

    He rejects the idea that Christianity can be meaningfully compared to Islam or Judaism because Christianity became mixed with Greek metaphysics while Jews and Muslims maintained their "Middle Eastern" preferences against Hellenization (Rosen, 2001: 1).

    Yet, even from his analysis, we can glean some more things that all three religions have in common:
    These include the belief in a resurrection of the dead at the last times, and the existence of "canonical texts" that aid in the grasping of the scriptures.

    So for the Christians, it is the patristic era (or the era of the church fathers and canon law); for the Jews, its the Talmud, and for Islam, its the Hadith and Sharia law. This is actually a pretty big deal because it is clearly the result of mutual ...

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