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    Important Aspects of Psychological Research

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    1). What does research means to you

    2). How do you think one could use their knowledge gain from research in both personal and professional settings

    3). How do you think one could use their knowledge gain from research in a professional setting as a board certified behavioral analyst?

    Use scholarly sources to support your answers. Cite your sources using APA format

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    1) What research means to me is the utilization of the scientific method and other feasible methodologies, in order to ascertain the valid and reliable answers to questions. In essence, research means to utilize the most rational and effective methodologies possible in order to ascertain facts or truths. Research is the methodology by which to unlock the mysteries of the world and universe in order to make the lives of individual's better, through the scientific and positive utilization of the knowledge that is ...

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    This solution describes the effective utilization of research outcomes in psychology. What research means to you is determined.