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Methods of Source Control

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1. Explain in detail the methods of Source Control . Are these methods succesful in reducing the illicit drug trade? Why or why not? Respond in no less than 300 words.

2. Describe the respective roles of four federal agencies in the United States with respect to the interdiction of illicit drugs across U.S. borders. Respond in no less than 300 words

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1. Explain in detail the methods of Source Control. Are these methods successful in reducing the illicit drug trade? Why or why not?

Research reveals that police efforts to control drug production, sales, and use of drugs in the U. S. has been done primarily through law enforcement agencies that have focused on investigating minor drug infractions; and or the seizure and forfeiture of drugs as a criminal activity (Benson, 2009). For example, based upon this approach there have been record arrests, drug seizures, and record incarcerations associated with the drug problem in the U. S. Thus, drug reduction efforts have been oriented to toward users of illicit drugs rather than finding acceptable treatment for those who abuse drugs (www.csdp.or). In addition, the approach to drug abuse by youth has been focused on punishment techniques such as the Higher Education Act that prevents youth with minor drug offenses to receive federal aid.

It is clear that these approaches to the drug problem in the U. S. have not worked, as Benson (2009) points, drug trafficking in the U.S. has continually been on the rise. Overall, law ...

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