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chemical aversion therapy

Community Treatment Program Aversion Therapy utilizes conditioning as treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. Locate one peer-reviewed article on aversion therapy published within the past five years. The article should describe an original study using aversion therapy to treat alcohol and/or drug abuse.

1. Summarize the article, including the purpose of the study, outcome, and recommendations.
2. Explain how the principles of conditioning are incorporated in the treatment.
3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the study using learning principles from the readings and external sources.

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Here is the sample article that I used:

Schick Shadel making a comeback in new era of medicine-based treatment. (Cover story). (2011). Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly, 23(33), 1-3.

The article demonstrates how chemical aversion therapy at Schick Shadel Hospital in Seattle is using nausea and vomiting to hinder addicts' usage of drugs. By creating a conditioned aversive response to the drug, this treatment offers some interesting implications for rehabilitation and therapy.

The article works by "giving the patient an emetic," a drug that induces nausea and vomiting "about 10 minutes after administration of the emetic. After the nurse gives the drug, the patient sits in front of a mirror, an emesis basin, and all of his or her favorite bottles of liquor."

The purpose of the article is to address the overall goal of aversion therapy: remove pleasurable emotions associated with drugs and ...

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