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    How are friendships formed and maintained?

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    How do social psychology principles regarding attraction help explain how friendships are formed and maintained? The discussion can cover both personal friendships as well as collegial friendships in the workplace or professional networks.

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    The principles of social psychology that underlie attraction are based on several determinants including positive and negative affect. For example, the presence of positive affect leads to positive evaluations of other people (liking), and negative affect leads to negative evaluations (disliking) of other persons (Byrne, 1997 as cited in Baron, Byrne, and Branscombe, 2006). According to Baron et al, in addition to the positive and negative dimensions, there are subdivisions of positive affects related to attraction that includes: joy [feelings proud and enthusiastic), interest [feeling strong and determined], and activation [feeling alert and attentive] (p. 263). In addition, emotions contribute to attraction to others. As Baron et al note, emotions related to attraction can either be from direct effect or associated effect. Emotions are stated to have direct effect on attraction when a person says or does something ...

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    This solution discusses how friendships, both persona and professional are formed and maintained.