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Diagnosis Battery

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Select a person from a public figure or a fictional character from a book, a movie, or a TV show to complete this diagnostic battery:

-Introduction of the person or the character you are diagnosing
-Background of the person and presenting information
-Data collection methods (testing, interviews, observation, etc.)
-Five-axis diagnosis
-Related psychosocial and family issues
-Related career and vocational issues
-Proposed treatment and intervention options
-Continuing assessment and proposed follow-up
-Potential legal and ethical issues
*Please Include an Introduction and a Summary Conclusion

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This solution provides a diagnosis battery for a public figure.

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Case note: when making a diagnosis for a client/patient, always check the DSM-IV-TR differential and associated features. In arriving at a potential diagnosis for this client, he appears to have a personality disorder. However, DSM indicators suggest that he does not meet the criteria for a personality disorder. It is obvious he has anger problems and would benefit from some anger management (not a DSM) classification. On the other hand, he appears to have underlying issues that provokes his anger. To me this suggests he is encountering stressors that could contribute to his anxiety and aggressiveness. On this basis, I arrived at an initial diagnosis. Beyond this rationale, further evaluation, testing and assessment may point to a completely different diagnosis. I hope the information is helpful.

*Select a person from a public figure or a fictional character from a book, a movie, or a TV show to complete this diagnostic battery:

(1) Introduction of the person or the character you are diagnosing

A review of the literature presents a plethora of studies as to how one's problems in childhood may contribute to psychological problems later into one's adult life (e.g., Brown, Bortoli, Remine, & Othman, 2008). Regardless of whether the child has been physically, sexually, or verbally abused, and/or neglected, these childhood experiences may emerge as memories that can cause psychological difficulties later in life. For example, children who are neglected may lack the social skills as an adult to interact with others. This discussion presents a story of a young professional boxer whose life is filled with negative memories of his childhood. He feels he has been neglected by his parents as a child. As a result he lacks the social skills to interact with others and maintain viable, loving relationships.

(2) Background of the person and ...

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