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Applying Social Psychology to a Current Event

Can you please help me with the following? Consider the concepts from Social Psychology. Use one or more concepts and apply to a current or historical event. Thank you!

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Social Psychology
Attraction and Relationships
"Attraction: Mere Exposure, Complementarity, Physical Attractiveness, Propinquity, Resources, Similarity, What Women Want; Relationships: Communication, Equity, Intimacy"

All relationships are grounded in attraction; in fact, gravitation is the foundation of our universe. In GRAVITY: Conversations with "G," it is discussed how everything attracts, including Hydrogen and Oxygen which makes H2O as the water in which we're composed. Although the science of Social Psychology focuses on human attraction, we are made of the same chemicals or atoms that scientists in physics explore. From the very beginning of creation, atoms came together to form molecules; stars; planets; ...

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The following posting helps apply social psychology to attraction and relationships.