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Psychological testing question

Evaluate the Personality Inventory for Children test.

Test name:
Test use:
Test scales and subscales:
Population test designed for:
Administration (how it is administered, time it takes to administer):
Characteristics of normative sample (s):
Reliability information (if the coefficients are not provided, indicate type of reliabilities that were established):
Validity information:
Evaluation-strengths of the test:
Evaluation- weaknesses of the test:

Solution Preview

Test name: Personality Inventory for Children (PIC).

Test use: The objective of this multidimensional test of child and adolescent behavior and emotional and cognitive status. The test assesses the following criteria:
Cognitive Impairment, Impulsivity and Distractibility, Delinquency, Family Dysfunction, Reality Distortion, Somatic Concern, Psychological Discomfort, Social Withdrawal, Social Skills Deficits, Response Validity Scales

Test scales and subscales: It is a forced choice test, where every single answer must be filed in. Full-length version of the PIC, which has 420 true-false items about child cognitive, emotional, and behavioral status. The full-length version has 20 ...