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Professional Practice

Develop a strategy to meet personal and professional needs. Keep in mind the need to balance caring for yourself with taking care of others, because the former allows for the latter.

A brief description of at least two of your most pressing personal and professional needs related to professional practice. Then, describe strategies you might use to address these needs. Finally, explain the importance of self-care for psychology professionals, and describe self-care strategies you might employ in your future work in the field of psychology.

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Note: I do not have this resource that you are using. However, the following resources are suggested. In addition, you should try and provide a response as close to your personal interests and needs for these questions as possible. I can tell you what the post requires and provide you with some suggestions. You are being asked to elaborate on at least two of the needs that you feel will help you develop your professional practice.

(1) Develop a strategy to meet personal and professional needs

A suggestion of two needs needed for professional practice is the development of skills and knowledge of multicultural trends. For instance, an individual needs skills to be able to be a competent and /or knowledgeable practitioner. Thus, a strategy to consider to meet this need involves becoming well trained in areas such as conducting research, and obtaining skills to improve performance Moreover, the professional practitioner is in a helping profession, and needs to be empathetic and understanding when encountering clients and attempting to help them solve their problems. For instance, according to Oskamp (2000), the psychologist can contribute to helping people adopt sustaining patterns of living by making unique specific suggestions as to how individual and environmental actions affect their lives. Further, Okamp asserts that in this way many psychologists can ...

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