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Difference Between Mania and Depression

What is the difference between mania and depression? Why is it important to understand this difference?

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Mania defined is an excessive excitement or enthusiasm craze (Free Medical Dictionary, 2010). Mania manifests itself with feelings such as racing thoughts, risk taking, euphoria, lack of inhibitions and the reduced need for sleep. It is often associated with bipolar disorder or also known as manic-depressive illness. Episodes of mania also include acts of risk-taking, impulsive behavior and irrational thinking which generally is due to little to no sleep. Psychotic episodes may manifest during extreme manic phases.

Depression defined is as a condition of emotional dejection, withdrawal, prolonged sadness, feelings of emptiness, guilt, and the loss of what was usually an interest now is diminished (Free Medical Dictionary, 2010).
As in mania, changes in sleep patterns are present and functions are impaired by ...

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