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Jeffrey Dahmer's Insanity Defense

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I need help discussing the outcome of a 30 yr modern court case in which a sanity issue arose regarding a violent offender. Be sure to discuss the mechanism that resulted in the defendant's evaluation for sanity.

Respond to the following:
Articulate the mental disorder(s) being considered by the court in the case, and why this disorder would make the defendant unfit for trial.
Explain the relationship between the actions and behavior that would cause the court to remand the defendant for a mental evaluation.
Evaluate the outcome of the case in terms of the defendant, the victim, and the community.
Critique the court's decision in the case. Choose if you support the court's correct decision or challenge the court's decision with supported reasons. Explain

Be sure to include cited references for sources used.

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The insanity plea has been viewed in various facets that spans upon a scapegoat method of avoiding prison and legitimate psychological features. There have been many in the court system that have attempted to use this format of defense since this notion emerged. (Expanding upon this would enhance the introduction). "A defendant entering a plea of insanity is admitting to the acts and harms alleged by the prosecution but claiming that he or she should not be held criminally responsible for such acts and harms" (Williams, 2003, p. 330). Jeffrey Dahmer, an infamous case from 1991, employed the use of the insanity defense. (Providing one or two sentences here ...

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