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    The Use of Medication to Treat ADHD: Facts and Opinions

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    Cacioppo and Freberg (2013) discussed medication and its usage in the treatment of depression and bipolar disorders on pages 767 to 771. Cacioppo and Freberg (2013) further discussed medication and its usage in the treatment of ADHD on pages 779 to 780. What are your thoughts on the use of medication? Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Do you believe it is under-utilized or over-utilized in the treatment of psychological disorders?

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    The use of medication to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has been seen as beneficial in many cases and continues to be the "go to" form of treatment for individuals diagnosed with ADHD (Sprich, Safren, Finkelstein, Remmert, & Hammerness, 2016; DeSantis, Webb, & Noar, 2008). As a personal opinion, the use of medication to treat ADHD should be paired with a second form of treatment such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Medications are becoming more and more available to individuals diagnosed with various disorders but should not be the sole avenue of treatment. A seemingly limitless amount of previous research conducted on the effectiveness of psychopharmacology treatments alone and other forms of therapy (e.g. CBT) alone have shown that a single form of treatment may never be enough to control the symptoms of specific disorders such as ADHD. A multifaceted approach, in other words a combination of ...

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    The solution provides the author's personal opinion regarding the use of medications to treat ADHD and goes on to provide information from recent studies concerning the use and abuse of such medications. Pros and cons are listed as well as the author's recommendation for appropriate treatments for psychological disorders, especially concerning ADHD.