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Anxiety Among Children

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Provide a one page summary of the attached journal article. Include in your summary your thoughts about the article ex: what did you think about it? what did you learn? did it raise interesting questions for you?

Source: Prevention of Anxiety Symptoms in Children: Results From a Universal School-Based Trial

by Cecilia A. Essau, Roehampton University, Judith Conradt, University of Bremen, Satoko Sasagawa, Meijro University, Thomas H. Ollendick, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg

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I think that this was a very good article that provided a wealth of detailed information concerning anxiety symptoms in children, as well as mechanisms that are utilized to help to reduce the incidences of anxiety within children. This article was structured in a manner that helped to incrementally guide me throughout the acquisition of knowledge concerning anxiety, and its effect on children. Due to this factor, I think that this article would be helpful to any individual that is seeking to gain a greater understanding of the ...

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This solution discusses successful methods of treating childhood anxiety.

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