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    Eating Disorders

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    Discuss the relevance of society and culture in the development of eating disorders. What methods might you use to assess the role of sociocultural factors in eating disorders? Provide the rationale for your response based on scientific evidence from a professional literature.

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    Eating disorders are on the rise in America because of the increase value society places on being thin. Women at a very young age are given the message that in order to happy you have to be thin. Media outlets such as fashion magazines showing teenage models starving themselves to attain the fashion industry image of the "ideal" figure. The average model maintains a body weight that is 15% bellow body mass index. According to medical standards, this classifies being anorexic. Teenagers need to realize that what they see in magazines is not real. Many of these images are touched up and air-brushed to make model look perfect. When teenagers try to attain society ideal image it ends up increasing ...