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Anorexia Nervosa: Environmental versus Physical factors

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Anorexia nervosa has both environmental and physical causes. I think the environmental factors have more of an effect on eating disorders today than that actual of physical factors.

What about you, do you feel that physical factors contribute more to the cause of eating disorders than environmental or vice versa?

(Your response can be based on your own personal thoughts or your response can also be supported by scholarly source that has been supported and formatted with APA citation referencing. If you do use scholarly source limited the use quotations, instead record the information from the source that was located by using your own words to answer.)

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Anorexia nervosa can definitely be caused by physical factors, as some individuals need to lose weight for their health and become frustrated with how slowly they lose weight using traditional means such as diet and exercise. More often, anorexia nervosa, and other eating disorders, are caused by environmental factors. This is particularly common amongst women, but men have been known to suffer from anorexia disorder as well. Typically, women receive excessive pressure from ...

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This solution describes how environmental factors contribute to the cause of anorexia nervosa more than physical factors.

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