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Binge Eating Disorder Examined

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Should Binge-Eating Disorder be considered by DSM to be an actual disorder?

It would be great if you could provide evidence for your response from research findings about this topic.

Articles from refereed scholarly journals from 2007 to present (not websites) would be great.

Please provide references.

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An excellent article by Wolfe, Baker, Smith, and Weeder (2009) discusses the concepts of binge-eating and whether the available data supports or refutes the characteristics of a binge episode. Seeing as you probably have access to a DSM-IV-TR and academic journals, I would suggest doing searches with the keywords of binge eating and then also include the term 'DSM' in the search specifics.

Another article that I have located that is very interesting and discusses the topic of binge eating is by Wonderlich, Gordon, Mitchell, Crosby, and Engel (2009). This article takes a look at the empirical approaches to classifications of eating disorders and attempts to validate the inclusion of the disorder in the DSM-V, for many reasons. Binge eating disorder is being considered for ...

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The following solution will provide you information relating to if binge eating disorder should be considered in the DSM.

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