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Experimental Design

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Can you develop an experimental design for the following scenario?

You work for a curriculum development company that has created a program designed to teach reading to students in grades 1-3.

Include the following in your experiment design

a) Develop a hypothesis, labeling the independent and dependent variables,

b) Discuss how the psychoanalytic, cognitive, and behavior/social development of the students will affect the way you design and conduct the experiment.

c) Discuss what the experimental and control groups are doing in the study

d) Decide how many participants are needed and from what population groups they should come

e) Discuss random sampling and random assignment.

The final product must be in APA format with APA citations and a reference page.

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Good evening!

My name is Dr. Underwood, and I will be assisting you with your assignment this evening. Please note that I will be only providing tips/suggestions to help you prepare for your final draft. With that note, let's take a look at the following scenario, and my illustrated example to help you better understand concepts.

You are to create a hypothesis regarding a program designed to teach students in grades 1-3. The first thing you need to think about is what are you most interested in learning about. For example, are you interested in investigating whether or not students from lower socioeconomic status (SES) are less likely to benefit from an excel reading program (as an example) than those in a higher socioeconomic status? You will then need to identify the independent and dependent variable. The independent variable (IV) is the variable that influences the dependent ...

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Create an experimental study involving students in a reading program in grades 1-3. Develop a hypothesis reflecting the targeted population.

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