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The Difference between the Mind and Brain

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Make a statement on whether the mind and brain are fully separate or whether they are one entity and provide support for whether the mind and brain are fully separate or whether they are one entity. Using the following:

1. Compare differing conceptualizations of the mind and how the mind is studied.
2. Address the influence of internal and environmental conditions on what is recalled from certain kinds of memory/representations (e.g., things remembered rote, such as one's phone number vs. interpreted things like a mother's affect last time she was seen).
3. Determine the necessity for a one-to-one correspondence between a specific representation in the mind and a physico-chemical condition in some specific neurons/synapses in the associated brain.
4. Analyze fundamental differences between representations from: (a) Visual stimuli vs. those from speech stimuli; (b) Experienced stimuli (instantiated; things that happened externally, the last pizza you ate) vs. imagined stimuli (uninstantiated; anticipating-imagining something for dinner that you've never had before).

An outline would be great!

Please give scholarly references

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In providing guidance for this posting, I would begin by stating that from the empirical scientific evidence it appears that the mind and brain are one entity. One conceptualization of the mind is that it is separate from the brain, and that the brain communicates the "will" and other aspects of the mind through the body to the outside world. This causes some to view the mind and brain as separate entities, with one common purpose, and the brain are studied as simply a biological and neurological center that controls the body. Another conceptualization is that the ...

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