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Learning Strategies: Tactile/Kinesthetic

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John is required to take a professional development course to learn a new work function in order to keep his job. The course is offered by his company's employee training division only as an online course that requires significant amounts of reading and writing. He is finding it difficult to learn in this manner. In his quest to find ways to help himself learn, he has taken a learning inventory and found that his prominent learning style is tactile/kinesthetic. He takes the results of the learning inventory to HR and requests accommodations under ADA because of his learning style. What is the most significant strategy the company can invoke to accommodate John and other employees like him? Defend your answer.

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As you brainstorm some significant strategies for the company to accommodate John and other employees like him, these learners excel at hands on and more inquiry-based experiences. Since they learn by doing and like to solve problems by trial and error, it is essential to present their findings from the online lesson and present verbally to ...

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