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Compare and contrast the four reasons why forgetting occurs.

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Dear Student,
Hi. You are being asked to write about the 4 reasons why forgetting occurs in a short 300-word essay. To make this fit into the word count, you must make a structure. I suggest the following:

1. What is forgetting - about 25 words, this will also serve as an introduction.
2. Reason 1 - 75 words.
3. Reason 2 - 75 words.
4. Reason 3 -75 words.
5. Reason 4 - 75 words.
6. Conclusion - 25 words.

That will be just your rough guide which will result to around 325 words but that should be tolerable. I am sure you have a list of these reasons in your textbook. I cannot assure that the information below will be the same but this is a general topic so it should suffice. Just in case, check with your current text to make your final essay specific to your needs. Good luck with your studies.

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Our daily experiences are encoded then stored/retained in our memory. The act of remembering ...

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The solution provides an insight into the 4 perspectives/theories behind the phenomenon of forgetting as it relates to memory. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.