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Is forgetting an intentional act?

QUESTION 1. Is forgetting an intentional act? Why or why not? Please use examples preferably from your own life experiences.
Is it possible to recover repressed memories? Explain your answer and use examples.

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Memory as it relates to holding on to information for some period of time is a process referred to as storage. This period of time will actually be of different lengths depending on the stage of memory being used. When we discuss the stage of memory an example of this would be did we remember or hold onto the information just long enough to use it, about 20 seconds? Or did we hold onto the information more or less permanently? Holding onto information just long enough to use it would be seeing a sign which states road closed ahead which would cause us to alter or route to work and holding onto the information more of less permanently would be remembering that when we touch a hot stove our hand gets burned.
The biggest problem with memory which is mentioned in the question is the act of ...

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Proactive interference is discussed in terms of evaluating forgetting as intentional.