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    Men's and women's patterns of work

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    What are men's and women's patterns of work? How do these patterns relate to on-the-job achievement and income? What are the potential conflicts among work and family roles and how do they differ for men and women?

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    As you assess gender differences within these topical areas, you might note how, of the many factors that comprise key differences between men and women, income is a major factor. We know that it is a fact that men earn more than women as a whole.

    In terms of work patterns, it also seems like strong and obvious gender differences exist. For example, one study finds that due to childbearing as one correlating factor, most women have "fewer years of work experience, work fewer hours per year, are less likely to work a full-time schedule and leave the labor force for longer periods of time than men" (www.gao.gov/new.items/d0435.pdf).

    Because the age for marriage and childbearing is ...

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    Men's and women's patterns of work and income disparities are noted.