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irrational/maladaptive assumptions

When you watch your favorite sitcom on television,do you see any irrational/maladaptive assumptions or attitudes that the characters display?

Could you explain using the question below?

1, What were some of the irrational beliefs and attitudes that the characters displayed?

2,Did these beliefs/attitudes result in any distress for the characters?

3,Did other characters in the show challenge such beliefs/attitudes in any way? What were the results of such challenges?

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This posting reminds me of one of my favorite shows - the Gilmore Girls. Rory is a very smart girl who goes to Yale. She is fast tracking her school and career, and then something traumatic happens, and she starts to show maladaptive attitudes.

Her goal was to become a journalist. She got an internship and a newspaper, and thought she was doing a great job. Then her boss informed her that he does not think that she "has it" and will not succeed as a journalist.

1. Even though she was working towards her dream career her entire life, once she heard ...

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Media examples of irrational/maladaptive assumptions are named.