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Variables for ADHD

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As there are many disorders for which individuals are being treated for daily in clinics, ADHD is one of those most commonly seen disorders, especially in children and adolescents. As all data needs to be entered into a main computer system, which then go into a more centralized database, it has been concluded that the disorder of ADHD is being seen and treated for more widely than any other disorder in childhood. In saying this as the agency has been servicing children for 15 years, monthly data has been collected. With this a random sample of 6 months were taken which looked at the number of children seen and were/are diagnosed with ADHD. With this discussion in mind, the Clinical Director believes that on average more than 80 (out of an average of 115) clients seen have ADHD every month. From this a hypothetical test was conducted using a significance level of .05.
Please tell me the independent and dependent variables.

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Solution Summary

Variable for ADHD are examined. The independent variable are determined.

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