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The Psychology of Human Behavior

Please help with the following question:

Compare and contrast any differences between how you explained why people (including you) behaved as they did before you took psychology class and how you explain these behaviors now.

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I believe it would be a good idea to first define the term psychology. The Greek roots of the word are twofold. Psyche, indicating self and logos, which refers to logic or reasoning.

I also believe that you could structure your answer in the field of psychology you are most familiar with. For example, if you study Freud or any analytic psychology you would take the approach from his, or say Jung's, point of view. Asking yourself, how does Freud's theory explain human behavior. To paraphrase Freud, one of his sayings was that "awareness is curative". Freud also believed one is motivated from within by instincts which are basically pleasure seeking or hedonistic. Which theory you use to define behavior including your own is of course your own. Other examples are cognitive behavioral, like behaviorism and a third termed humanistic psychology, it's founding fathers being Carl Rogers, who emphasized a person's needs for getting in touch with self, and ...

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The purpose of this solution is to explain one's own personal behavior using various psychological theories. I used examples of my own behavior that I came to understand after attending a practicum in group therapy. My approach was from a humanistic existential perspective. This text contains 696 words.