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    Paranoid Schizophrenia Case Review

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    The treatment of forensic populations, as with any clinical population, must be tailored to the individuals as well as to their mental illness. There are specific treatment protocols for particular mental illnesses that need to be paired with individuals based on the unique traits of the individuals, and augmented with particular treatment approaches based on the needs of the individuals. Forensic psychology professionals are required to treat a wide variety of mental illnesses ranging from serious personality disorders and psychotic conditions to suicidal and parasuicidal behaviors. In order to treat mentally ill offenders effectively, the forensic treatment professional needs to have a thorough understanding of basic mental health disorders and treatments as well as a solid working knowledge of the forensic setting and system.

    Think about the type of offender described in the case you his or her history, and his or her mental illness.

    Select a treatment approach that you think would best address the mental illness of the offender you selected and think about why you selected this case study.

    a sentence that identifies and briefly denotes the case you selected, along with the mental illness exhibited by the offender. Then identify and describe the treatment approach you selected that would be effective with this mentally ill offender. Finally, explain why you selected this approach. Be specific.

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    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. In this particular task, you are asking for help in tackling the task of discussing treatment protocols for a specific case. I suggest making it simple using this outline:

    1. Case Overview
    2. Offender comments - 100 words
    3. Treatment protocols - 100 words
    4. Reasons - 100 words

    This outline should yield around 400 words which should cover what you need. Just let me know via the feedback section if you need further clarification. You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic. All the best with your studies.

    Case Treatment Review: Stan - Paranoid Schizophrenic

    Stan, 25 has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. He was arrested for destroying government property. Whereby he threw bricks at a parked police car declaring that the car was recording his behavior and "keeping track of his thoughts." The court decided to keep Stan in his community with a sentence of a period of probation under the care of a mental health expert.

    The Paranoid ...

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    The solution looks at the case of a paranoid schizophrenic to suggest a treatment approach. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.